About Mevo Beitar

about mevo beitar historyMevo Beitar is a cooperative village (Moshav Shitufi) in central Israel. 

Mevo Beitar, part of a fork of communities (Bar Giora, Nes Harim, Mata and Tzur Hadassah) in the Jerusalem corridor (ten kilometres southwest of Jerusalem), falls under the jurisdiction of Mateh Yehuda Regional Council.

Located ten kilometres southwest of Jerusalem, situated between Har Refaim and Wadi Fukin in the beautiful Judean hills, just 18 minutes drive from Jerusalem, the moshav is located near nature reserves with natural springs and surrounded by spectacular green spaces adjacent to Park Begin.

The name Mevo Beitar derived from the ancient Jewish city of "Beitar" which was located nearby in the Judean hills. This ancient city were active during the Second Temple period, when it played an important part in the Bar Kochba revolt.  During the revolt, Beitar was a stronghold and the last stronghold of Shimon Bar Kochba.  Ancient Beitar, mentioned several times in the Talmud and the Jewish texts, was destroyed by the Romans 52 years after the destruction of Jerusalem. 

On April 24, 1950, two Beitar Zionist youth movement groups - one from South America (called Nili) and the other from the United States (called Ched Ness) - founded the new Moshav Shitufi (cooperative village) of Mevo Beitar. Matityahu Drobles, one of the moshav founders, later became a member of the Knesset.  In 1953 native-born Israelis joined the moshav as part of their military service in a Nachal unit of Beitarim. In 1954 a group of Tunisian Beitarim joined the community. Prior to the Six Day War, Mevo Beitar was the community located closest to Israel's border with Jordan.

about mevo beitar todayMevo Beitar was a Moshav Shitufi until the economic crisis that struck the agricultural sector in the 1980s. Since then, Mevo Betar has restructured itself via a physical expansion and community changes.

Today about 250 families live on the moshav. Moshav residents are diverse - consisting of families from different ethnic backgrounds, families with various beliefs and lifestyles (religious, traditional and secular), and both "founding" families and new families.

On Mevo Beitar, there is a gas station, swimming pool, children's amusement park (Speedy Kef), synagogue, salt room, private gardens, pilates studio, soccor field, basketball court, library, cemetery and more. There are many tourist attractions in the moshav's vicinity, including the Begin Forest, Sansan Mountain Reserve, Nachal Katlav, the Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve and more.  The roads in the area wind through beautiful scenery, considered to be the most enjoyable in the country for both motorists and cyclists. Residents enjoy education, employment and health care services in neighboring Tsur Hadassah, Jerusalem and Beitar Illit.

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